There is nothing better than working together with people you trust and admire, and different types of projects require different kinds of skills. Therefor I do believe collaboration is the strength of working as a small company.

Hel Ved Arkitektur is happy to collaborate together with Line Solgaard Arkitekter AS on several projects. Our current projects varies from small too medium scaled projects, both housing and offices. I have worked together with Line before on the DNB project in Bjørvika 5 years ago and it is super fun to finally work together again.

In addition, the collaboration with TIND  and Anette Fleischer, has been very inspiring and fun! Looking forward for the upcoming projects.

Hel Ved Arkitektur is also a beta tester for Imerso. It is a company that develops software for handheld scanner devices. I am very impressed how the team is improving their software.